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Camden, Campbelltown, Cawdor and Menangle for Macarthur Landscape Photography Classes

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"Macarthurs Glorious Colours"
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Australian Photography Tours - Macarthur Dawn Safari Gallery

Photograph galleries of Camden, Campbelltown, Cawdor and Cobbitty landscape photography workshops:

Photography classes

  • Time frame 3 hours
  • Sunday mornings
  • Own vehicle needed
  • Private or groups catered for
  • Refreshments can be obtained at the end of the photo session from Argyle St Camden

'Hazy' Macarthur

A friend stated as I published this page that an appropriate term to describe the Macarthur region is "Smoky", this impression is createdby the frequent mists and dust from development and agriculture in the region. This effect assists the photographer to create stunning landscapes in the early and late parts of the day.
Heritage buildings, farming, pastoral all add character to an area most Sydneysiders aren't aware of yet so important to the development of the colony.

The area of 3,067 square kilometres requires patience and local knowledge when choosing photography locations.

The best time for photography classes in Macarthur is morning or evening to take advantage of the softer light. Classes can be organised for groups and individual clients to suit simply call 4628 2528. Macarthur is within easy reach of Sydney, drive straight down the M5 / M7 and take the Camden turnoff. We use the foothills of Razorback and the Great Dividing Range or historic Camden with its parks, buildings and the Nepean river

Nepean river at first light
Camden sunrise
Cawdor gums in heavy mist
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Workshop Elements

Our beginner / intermediate workshops teach photograph composition and the use of camera settings including

  • White Balance
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Aperture Setting
  • Bracketing
  • ISO settings, Manual, Aperture Priority and Auto modes.

Equipment needed:

tripod, remote shutter release, circular polarizing filter, soft cloth to clean your lenses and water to drink. For cold morning bring warm clothing.

Tour programme and contact details:
  • Contact Ken today on +61 2 4628 2528 / 02 4628 2528 or
  • Email for additional information.
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