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Try our one day Sydney southern coastline, Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands tours

Private On Demand Sightseeing Tours & Photography tuition by international award winning photographer Ken Hall

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Four Hour Sydney photography workshops

Elements from the galleries on this page are used for your tours. We specialise in creating tours specifically for you:

  • Would you prefer rainforest
  • or panoramas
  • maybe a little walking
  • down in a gorge amongst waterfalls
  • you could always have a little of everything.
  • how about a dawn start, best time of the day for photographs and sightseeing
  • some people prefer to start a little later around 8am
  • do you want breakfast or lunch, depends on what time you start of course.
  • How about "Ken, I want an early start with a bit of everything for a full day". Now you're talking, pop it in an email and we will organise your tour and send you all the details. You can make changes until we have the perfect package. It's that easy.

Sydney, my home - four hour Observatory Hill & The Rocks digital photography workshops

Four Hour Coastal sunset and sunrise tours / workshops

Coastal Sunrise Gallery
The sea and sunrise combination offers tremendous opportunities for seascape photographers. The warm currents off the South Pacific Ocean and Tasman sea off of our NSW coastline create interesting weather patterns with squalls often seen evenly spaced marching up the coast.

Coastal Sunrise Gallery 2
Coastal sunrise gallery - photographic opportunities on the beaches, rock platforms, cliff tops and harbours of the Illawarra region of NSW Australia.
The photographs were taken at workshop locations in the Illawarra, Royal National Park and and Wollongong harbour starting at first light or sunset and last light.


Southern Highlands Bush sunrise tours / workshop galleries

Seven hour Berrima & Wingecarribee River tour

Berrima & Wingecarribee River Photography Workshop
The State Forest is adjacent to the Nattai Wilderness and National Parks of the Lower Blue Mountains.
Both these areas are part of the Greater Blue Mountains National Park. This tour links up with for lunch and refreshments.
Both these locations have great historic value with stone buildings from early settlement days and includes one of Australia's oldest operating pubs, the Surveyor General Inn.


Camden, Campbelltown, Cawdor and Menangle landscape photography tours and workshop galleries

Four Hour Dawn and Beginner landscape photography workshops.

The Macarthur region is "Smoky", this impression is created by the frequent mists and dust from development and agriculture in the region. This effect assists the photographer to create stunning landscapes in the early and late parts of the day.
Heritage buildings, farming, pastoral all add character to an area most Sydneysiders aren't aware of yet so important to the development of the colony.

Photograph galleries from Camden, Campbelltown, Cawdor and Cobbitty landscape photography workshops:

The sun rises and set very quickly in Australia. The best time for colour, shadow and soft light is from first light to an hour or so after sunrise.
The cooler months of the year when the sun is lower throughout the day creates great conditions for photography. However, at Australian Photography Tours we believe that opportunities for capturing great photos abound in all situations when you know how to use your camera's settings to get the best results.

Within easy reach of Sydney, classes can be organised for groups and individual clients by picking up the phone. Call 4628 2528 or email to discuss - Email


Royal National Park tours & coastal workshop galleries

Full Day Tour, Beginner, Dawn and Evening Photography Workshop Galleries

Elements of these galleries are found on the Full Day Tour Coastal Tour, Beginner Photography Workshops, Royal National Park Dawn Photography Workshops.

Royal National Park rainforest

The Royal National Park is the worlds second oldest National Park. The "Royal" is located south of Sydney in the proximity of the Northern Illawarra. People visiting the "Royal " and walking its tracks and trails do need some degree of fitness. Any walk in the bush is more challenging than walking around the streets


World Heritage Blue Mountains NP Photography Workshop galleries

Full Day, Four Hour Dawn and Beginner tours

Choose your locations from the galleries below or let us do it for you.

The welcome sound of the birds heralded the new day as dawn broke showing us the magnificent colours we had come to see. First the top of the Grand Canyon then the walls appear as the sun paints them with light.
Typical of rain forest the area can be slippery when crossing the base of the waterfalls. Cool in summer, the sun appears later in the day in the gorges which gives the photographer plenty of opportunity for colour, shape and texture before the light becomes too harsh.
Walk alongside creeks as they begin their tinkling journey to the sea. Stand on sandy beaches and take photographs as you cross below the waterfalls. Perfect in summer with its cooler temperatures, so you can take your time as a photographer or simply admire the rainforest as a walker.

Blue Mountains Photograph Galleries


NSW South Coast, Narooma, Eurobodalla National Park & Montague Island three day tour

Far south coast nature and landscape photography tour

Day 1 to Day 3 galleries

Narooma and Montague Island on the Eurobodalla Coast are a delight to tourists and photographers. Just a few nautical miles off the coast from beautiful relaxing Narooma is Montague Island. Just imagine gently drifting through groups of Fur seals floating on their sides cooling themselves by raising their flippers in the air.

The trip to Montague Island allows you to see so many Australian and New Zealand Fur seals plus watch Humpback and Southern Right whales and calves. So many that you won't be able to keep count in the right season. On the return trip back to Narooma you will probably just want to relax and take in the environment as you bob around on the ocean.


Clients best photograph galleries

Clients best photograph gallery -
Best photograph forwarded by students after completion of their workshop of tour tuition.
Clients best photograph gallery 2 -
Best photograph forwarded by students after completion of their workshop of tour tuition.

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Tour programme and contact details:
  • Contact Ken today on +61 2 4628 2528 / 02 4628 2528 or
  • Email for additional information.

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